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Tammy was a professional dancer for 11 years, and when she reached her “best before date” she decided to take a year off to see what she wanted to do with her life. Going from dancing 6 days a week to nothing started to show on her body, so she reluctantly started going to the gym. It didn’t seem to being doing much so she started to jog 5 days a week while going to the gym and watching her diet. While it helped, nothing compared to when she was dancing. Tammy then decided to get a pole and start dancing at home to get her dancer figure back. She heard that there were some pole classes happening in Los Angeles and they were becoming popular. It seemed only natural that she take her experience, get a formal fitness education and open a studio. Thus became the first Tantra Fitness which opened in Vancouver near Granville Island in January 2004, making it the first pole dancing fitness studio in the city. As other facilities opened up, Tammy saw the lack of safety and consistency as pole fitness was in its infancy. She also found that people didn't see it for the sport that it truly was. She decided to start the CPFA and become the first governing body of Pole Fitness. Through CPFA Tammy offered the first fully insured pole fitness certification course focusing on anatomy and safety, specifically with progressive movements to help students of all shapes and sizes achieve moves without injury. She also organized Pole Fitness Competitions to show the public that this was a true sport and artform that was open to everyone. The divisions included Mens, Masters (over 40), Grand Masters (over 50) and amateur. These certifications and competitions paved the way for pole fitness to become the main- stream activity it is today. Tammy now owns 4 locations, has been teaching for 18 years, is a mother of three and continues to defy gravity. Qualifications & Achievements: Owner, operator, instructor of Tantra Fitness / Founder of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association / Aerial Yoga Certification / Specialized teacher training for: Ball Fit & Bungee Fitness / First Aid Certificate / Instructs Pole Fitness level 1 - 6 / Instructs Exotic Dance Choreography / Choreographer for film & television specializing in pole dance (Union Member) / Over 15 awards in Pole Dance Competitions including 1st Runner Up and Best Pole Tricks at Miss Pole Dance World

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    1. Table of Contents

    1. History and Evolution

    2. Benefits of Pole Fitness

    1. Teaching Basics

    2. Creating an Optimal Environment

    3. Learning Styles

    1. Standard Safety & Insurance

    1. Body Alignment and Anatomy

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